Audrey Yoeun An received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art & Design and Minor in Art History degree from NYSCC at Alfred University in 2017. Currently, she is part of Pottery Department at Colorado State University pursuing Post-Baccalaureate studies along with working as a studio assistant to Del Harrow and Sanam Emami. Deeply investing the boundaries of physical-digital design and its fabrication, Audrey's recent works explore the intersection between craft and technology. 


Artist statement

Intimate moments are flecked across one’s memories. As a Korean American, born in Columbia, Missouri and growing up in Seoul, Korea, I shaped my identity as TCK, a “third culture kid”. Inner amalgamation of these two cultures spurred a desire for total acceptance and affinity. Recognizing the impervious nature of the wish, my works give physicality to my midnight thoughts. Abstraction, poetic language and topography are utilized to shape my solitude and sense of belonging.

Through scale, pattern and repetition in ceramic tiles and units, I create an installation, tenderly invading, offering a liminal space, and performing acts of self-consolation. I consider individual modules as pieces of my youth and smallest secrets that define my coming of age. I find the process of creating modules and their assemblage most important as a maker. Repetitive processes of slip-casting and press-molding offer meditative properties and dimensionality in the final product. The work overall holds layers of messages that are public, yet private. I invite audiences into my marginal space where quiet storytelling stimulates emotional familiarities. Along with questioning where one stands in modern society, I hope to discover new aspects of my identity through this process.